What you will find in this mini workshop:

  • Create a new relationship with your body

  • Discover ways to experience pleasure through understanding your body better

  • Learn new tools to connect with pleasure in your body

  • Re-evaluate your perception around nudity and being comfortable in your own skin

Have a new relationship with your body

Learn how to see your body as a pleasure tool that serves you

Overview of the "Allowing Pleasure In Your Body" lessons

    1. Hi, I am your pleasure guide!

    1. Learning the language of LOVE - Speaking your love language

    2. Technique & Sexuality - Tune into your body to maximize your pleasure - Sensory Play

    3. Technique & Sexuality - Where to begin with Sex Toys prt1

    4. Technique & Sexuality- Sex Toy Starter - Where to begin pt2

    5. Lube - a game changer

    6. Copy of Lesson 4 - Hello Body!

    7. Copy of Lesson 5 - Discover Deliciousness

    8. Basic conditions for pleasure to emerge

    9. Being comfortable in your own skin

    10. Being bare and brave

    1. Awesome work getting this far & what's next :)

About this course

  • Free
  • 12 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

About your pleasure guide

Pleasure Activist Tamar Goren

For a while now, thanks to personal experience, it's been my mission to research what sexual pleasure can bring to women's lives, and why it is worth pursuing.

Sometimes it seems EVERYTHING stands between us and our pleasure, but this isn’t really the case, if we become aware of it and remove some blockages, we will make best friends with it as it is ours to enjoy and benefit from!

Our bodies are pleasure machines which bring great gifts, and NOBODY tells us about it, it’s like the world’s best kept secret or something... maybe it is?!

I was completely transformed as i was going through a process of discovering pleasure and getting familiar with it, and the impact it had on my life was so profound, I wanted all women to be able to empower themselves with this powerful, natural and accessible tool. We are closing ourselves up, instead of overcoming the challenges. I am confident many of us don't know how or why to even pursue it.

My mission is to motivate women to step in to their own pleasure journeys, and enjoy as many fruits from it as possible- more joy, better connection to their bodies, improved health, empowerment, emotional growth... the list goes on!

Join me as I research how we can connect to this powerful tool & how it can change our lives.