What will I learn?

Starting a conversation with yourself and your partner takes skill & can improve the more you practice!

  • Different profound communication techniques

  • Setting the ideal communication environment for sexual communication

  • Pin pointing what are your needs and how to deliver it in a way that will achieve the best results for you

Communicate your desires and needs...

... allow pleasure today!

Overview of the lessons in the "The Art of Communication" lessons

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    1. Communication is Key - Intro

    2. Communication - 3 T's Tool for better communication .mp4

    3. Communication Tool - Sex Menu

    4. Communication Tool- Candy Floss Sandwich

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About your pleasure guide

Nu Davidson

I am a certified coach, with a drive and passion to normalize topics usually considered ‘taboo’. The “hush hush”, don’t tell anyone, you shouldn’t say that… yup those topics. Our happiness and satisfaction in life are built on the foundations of the quality of our relationships. I believe there should be no shame in seeking out the tools to navigate and grow our relationships to be as deep and strong as they can be.