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What is A Life of Greater Pleasure?

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A life of greater pleasure is...

... is a series of lessons from the world of conscious intimacy and sexuality

What can I learn from this course?

This course offers an open platform to talk about and explore through practices some aspects of sexuality and sensuality in a simple, clear way.

This is an opportunity for you to engage with your sexuality, your body, your heart and your mind. We'll share some ideas with you on how to expand the way you may think about some of the sexual things you do, and the exercises to experience these in a different way

What is the field of concious sexuality? Conscious Sexuality is the philosophy and practice of being present, in your body, in your heart, in sensation, in feeling, during sex, and in life. It's about allowing whatever arises to be present, without judging that. These practices lead to a life of greater pleasure, not only in sex but in all aspects of being, through conscious intimacy with ourselves, one another and life.

Overview of the lessons in the Life of Greater Pleasure course

Lessons from the world of conscious intimacy and sexuality

    1. Introduction

    1. Being in pleasure for you

    2. Elements of intimacy

    3. Being heard

    4. Where does sex start and end

    5. Communication

    6. Being erotic

    7. Sexual authenticity

    8. Pleasure spots

    1. A few words for your journey of greater pleasure in life...

About this course

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  • 0.5 hours of video content

Your pleasure guide:

Has over 20 years of experience in conscious sexuality

Jonti Searll

Jonti Searll is the creator of ErosLife ( He has been working in the field of Conscious Sexuality for almost 20 years, creating healing processes, workshops and material that has helped many people create fulfilling experiences and relationships.

Jonti writes extensively and for many years had a weekly podcast show called 'SexTalk'.

His journey has been one of personal exploration and enquiry, learning in many healing and related fields.

His philosophy revolves around the understanding that our sexuality is linked to all of who we are, our sexual energy is our life-force. Releasing the blockages we’ve created and freeing ourselves from the limitations of the past allows us to create lives, relationships and experiences of incredible beauty.

Our sexual energy is a force for not only personal transformation, but has the power to be used to change our world. This is Jonti’s mission.

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