It's all about you...

... a practible way to re-connect to your body

This mini-workshop offers an open platform to talk about and explore - through practices - some ways to establish a strong connection to your body and allow pleasure to emerge in a few simple lessons.

This is an opportunity for you to engage with your sexuality, your body, your heart and your mind. We will share some ideas with you on how to expand the way you may think about some of the sexual things you do, and the exercises to experience these in a different way

Establish a stronger connection to your body...

... allow pleasure today!

Overview of the lessons in the "It's All About You" lessons

Introduction to practical tools to re-connect to your body

    1. Here's how this course will benefit you

    2. These lessons are for empowering your pleasure practice

    1. Body Connection - Getting Out of your head - Journaling

    2. Body Connection- Fall in love with yourself- Self Talk

    3. Body Connection- Learn to see and appreciate your true beauty - Mirror Work

    4. Reconnecting to your body- Lube is a pleasure enhancer, better understand our bodies to discover more pleasure

    1. Congrats & our next Mini-Workshops!

About this course

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About your pleasure guide

Nu Davidson

I am a certified coach, with a drive and passion to normalize topics usually considered ‘taboo’. The “hush hush”, don’t tell anyone, you shouldn’t say that… yup those topics. Our happiness and satisfaction in life are built on the foundations of the quality of our relationships. I believe there should be no shame in seeking out the tools to navigate and grow our relationships to be as deep and strong as they can be.