Free your body and mind is...

... is a series of powerful lessons to unleash your wild and erotic self.

What can I learn from this course?

This course offers an open platform to talk about and explore through practices some aspects of sexuality and sensuality in a simple, clear way.

This is an opportunity for you to engage with your sexuality, your body, your heart and your mind. We'll share some ideas with you on how to expand the way you may think about some of the sexual things you do, and the exercises to experience these in a different way

What is the field of concious sexuality? Conscious Sexuality is the philosophy and practice of being present, in your body, in your heart, in sensation, in feeling, during sex, and in life. It's about allowing whatever arises to be present, without judging that. These practices lead to a life of greater pleasure, not only in sex but in all aspects of being, through conscious intimacy with ourselves, one another and life.

How to free your body and mind

Lessons from the world of sexual coaching, sexual embodiment and some gentle kink to enhance and unleash the wild and erotic self.

    1. Your fairy God mother welcomes you

    1. Co-erotic Theme

    2. Kink as a pleasure language

    3. Senses deprivation and Sensation play 6

    4. The road map to arousal with touch

    5. your Breath as a tool to connect to more pleasure 2

    6. Movement as an aphrodisiac

    7. Break through your fear about making sound while in pleasure

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Coach Mona Moore

People have always liked to tell themselves heroic stories. It appears in many stories and sagas but also in modern blockbusters and is usually about a male hero, such as Odysseus, Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter, who leaves his homeland to face numerous trials in the fight for good. But of course, women and girls are at least as great heroines, just think of Momo, Ronja Räubertochter, Leeloo (the 5th Element), Katness Everdeen (Tribute to Panem). The hero's journey is a metaphor for the human need for growth and development that lies dormant in every human soul. This is primarily about YOU as the heroine of her life. However, the heroine is not alone on her path. She has loving and encouraging companions and always at least one mentor, a teacher, a fairy godmother or a witch, who encourages her on her way, guides her and also gladly provides her with a magical object. This mentor is me. I am the fairy godmother on her personal heroine journey. With my knowledge, openness and empathy, YOU can talk to me about everything. You can find more about her amazing work at