Hello fellow pleasure travellers!

Whether you’ve just stepped timidly onto this path or are diving headfirst into the depths of pleasure, welcome to your pleasure journey!

One thing I’ve found on my pleasure journey – no matter where, who, or what you are; your pleasure begins with you!

Connecting to your body, your mind, and each other, the only limits are those you choose to accept. It’s taken me a whole lot of learning, unlearning and relearning to get to where I am today, and My Pleasure Journey is the realisation of my mission to share that journey with other women!

I continue to learn and find great joy in discovering how to extend the power and properties of pleasure into all aspects of my life!

I trust this platform – designed with all women in mind – offers the guidance and support you need to help you move to the next stage in your pleasure journey.

Yours in pleasure,

Tamar Goren

My Pleasure Journey

is an online learning platform offering women of all walks of life guidance in

What will I gain from this?

Here's what women who have done the mini-workshops have to say...

It got me going!


I found that the videos were easy to follow and got me so motivated.

I started a new exercise program and I started changing little things. Life gets so busy that it feels like one day just moves into the next in an endless spiral and this course just made me slow down to just savour everything and start get to know myself as a woman again.

I would most definitely recommend this course as all of us women need to encourage each other and remember that we deserve to appreciate our bodies and enjoy our womanhood and being at peace with ourselves.

Thanks for helping me face... Myself!

by Nadia Oshry

What a wonderful and challenging lessons

The subtle way to reconnect with your ability to embrace pleasure

Jessica Matthysen

Tamar provides the ideal starting point on your journey to finding pleasure for yourself. She helps you becoming re-acquainted slowly and subtly to the art of the feminine. Her voice is soothing and helps make you feel less intimidated around the topic, while her comfort levels in dealing with subject of pleasure extend to make you equally at ease. It really is the perfect start to embracing pleasure

I loved it

Renate Viring

The lay out and design are feminine and delicate. Your Presence is professional and calm. And your voice is so comfortable to listen to, so it easy to drift away into pleasuring mode. That’s makes it not embarrassing at all, to watch. As We unfortunately know this theme is for a lot of women. You get a very professional feeling over the whole class. I also think the timing for a class like this is perfect. The world are ready for this. I had the same experience as you, my mother caught me mastrubating at the age of 6-7. And she gave me a shame, as a still remember. And used it against me, for long time. If you don’t do so, I tell your father. Sick! But I kept true to myself, and never stoped :) I liked all the practical practice. I already have a gratitude book, so you will now be a part of that. And I will go deeper into practice mode. Since I already practice a lot meditation, gratitude, women circles (cacao sermonies) free dancing, I am very in touch with my own body and Vulva. And I love them both, but I will definitely go deeper into my sensual feelings now. I got some amazing new tips and inspiration. I can’t wait to get some me time now. The slowing down, and be more conscious In my touching I will absolutely bring back. And in my next house, I will demand my own room. That is just for me, and my own pleasure. I already visualize it.